Polk AM6215 Signa S2 System

Polk AM6215 Signa S2 System
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Polk Signa S2 Universal TV Sound Bar and Wireless Subwoofer System The low-profile Signa S2... mehr
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Polk Signa S2 Universal TV Sound Bar and Wireless Subwoofer System
The low-profile Signa S2 universal TV sound bar delivers an incredible, room-filling home theatre experience - far beyond anything you get from your TVs small built-in speakers. Includes HDMI cable for quick and easy setup. Features Polk's patented Voice Adjust technology for clear dialogue and Dolby Digital decoding for immersive, performance-tuned surround sound. Includes a wireless subwoofer for deep bass impact. Plus, stream your favourite music through Bluetooth.

Performance-Tuned Surround Sound
Performance tuned driver array and Dolby Digital 5.1 decoding create incredible room-filling surround sound from a compact low-profile sound bar and wireless subwoofer.

Universal Compatibility
Works with 4K and HD TVs - HDMI cable included. Watch your favourite shows with exceptional contrast and clarity.

Easy Setup, Low-Profile Design
Enjoy quick, seamless connection to your TV. Slim size fits most spaces - easily wall-mount it or set it in front of your TV.

HDMI Audio Return Channel (ARC)
Send audio from smart TV built-in apps and sources connected directly to the TV to the Signa S2 via a single HDMI cable. Also allows for control of the Signa S2 volume via the TV remote control (requires CEC enabled TV).

Movie and Music Modes
One button preset EQ settings for movies and music optimise the sound bar to ensure you get the clearest dialogue, big sound and deep bass for an immersive audio and home theatre experience.

Night Mode
Hear it all without disturbing others in and around your home — access Night Mode at the push of a button to lower the bass and increase Voice Adjust for clear dialogue, all without raising the master volume.

Built-in keyhole slots allow for mounting on most walls — or use a TV bracket (hardware not included).

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